PEYOTE creativity contamination system

PEYOTE was born in 2018 as a specialized press office dedicated to promoting music projects/events by channeling the DIY experience of two versatile activists in the Italian underground scene. It has music in its DNA and strongly believes that creative contamination between artistic languages inspires a unique and original proposal. Building on this foundation, it plans and develops customized strategies that respect the identity of the artistic project.

Today it is a freelance agency that provides services to artists (bands, singer-songwriters, soloists), record labels, and event organizers (concerts, festivals, contests, venues, exhibitions, etc.) in various and complementary fields:

  • PRESS promotion and communication (press office for albums/EPs/singles/events);
  • VIBES audio production (recording studio/mixing/mastering);
  • VISTA photo/video/graphics (photographic services/music videos/cover artwork/live visuals);
  • MEDIA digital identity management (social media management/advertising, playlist curation);
  • STAGE live music (concerts/DJ sets/local artistic direction);
  • SESSIONS live concerts in the nursery (live videos immersed in anthropized nature).