May 10, 2024

‘Rain or Shine’ | Mac/Corlevich

‘Rain or Shine’ | Mac/Corlevich

Album | LP+CD+DG | XO La Factory | Release date: 5/10/24

The debut album from the Italian alternative folk duo Mac/Corlevich combines two sonic worlds in an intense and authentic journey that smells of America

On Friday, May 10th, the Italian alternative folk duo Mac/Corlevich, composed of the experienced singer Cristiano Mecchi and the talented guitarist Davide Corlevich, will debut with their album Rain or Shine. Preceded in recent months by the singles Machines, Farewell Kisses, and Something Beautiful, it will be released on LP, CD, and digital by the XO La Factory label WITH THE CONTRIBUTION OF NUOVOIMAIE.

Rain or Shine is an album where two seemingly distant sensibilities are expressed: on the one hand, that tied to folk and the mastery of fingerpicking guitar, and on the other, that forged by the American independent sound of the first half of the ’90s. The personal result of this union is a full-length album composed of nine original tracks and one cover, where the music flows sincere and direct, visceral and evocative: the contemplation of a landscape, the experience of a car journey along a lonely road, and the soundtrack of the images passing by outside the window.

With a solid backbone in the acoustic guitar/voice duo, Mac/Corlevich balance the other elements of the arrangement in a simple yet incisive way, adding colour, variety, and dynamics. Their peculiarity lies in taking elements of folk, Americana, country, and grunge, distilling their sounds, and mixing them with a sensitivity devoid of nostalgia but imbued with intensity.

It’s recommended for fans of Mark Lanegan, Chris Cornell, Johnny Cash, Gram Parsons, and John Moreland.


1. Machines | Guitar melodies intertwining with vocals delve into a world of vulnerability and reflection. A constant hum in the head… Biting the brake, waiting to take flight, without a specific reason or destination;

2. A Place Called Home | An invocation of escapism, a dream woven between notes and words. The invitation to tell stories and explore new places merges into music with enveloping melody and lively pulsation, an anthem to authenticity;

3. Farewell Kisses | Captures the emotion of an imminent farewell, inviting to explore new horizons and embrace uncertainty. It’s a challenge to traverse the night and space, forgetting fear and its constraints;

4. Rain or Shine | A modern take on folk flavor blends voice and guitar in an open, sunny song, light but not superficial;

5. The Slowest Candle | A captivating ballad intertwining emotions, melancholic awareness, and hope;

6. The Porch Song | The magic of open tuning, a solitary guitar somehow describing a landscape open to nature, with the horizon as the backdrop;

7. Let Your Eyes Wander | It’s our heartfelt homage to Chris Cornell;

8. Something Beautiful | An intimate journey singing sincerity, the palpable desire for beauty and authenticity, with a finale of dense and full tone and a suspended cadence always a bit further ahead;

9. A New Tomorrow | Inspired by a real scene, it’s a journey through nocturnal suggestions, existential reflections, and a crescendo of positive feelings, culminating in an invocation of wonder;

10. Adore The Sun | Autumnal imagery intertwines with the intense mood of the full band arrangement, creating a gloomy yet energized atmosphere. The protagonist is a man questioning if he’s ready to set aside appearances to open his heart.

Mac/Corlevich is an Italian duo born from the encounter between Davide Corlevich and Cristiano Mecchi, two musicians from Verona with different musical backgrounds converging into a new project. Corlevich has one foot in the world of classical guitar and constant artistic activity in this field but has always explored very different genres with bands like Anteo and Galaverna, accumulating extensive live and studio experience. Mecchi, an expressive singer and versatile drummer, has been part of many bands associated with the rock and underground scene, such as neXus, 3tons, Poseydon, Supergonzo, and Oui The North, with numerous recordings and hundreds of concerts throughout Italy. A successful fusion of experiences and complementary talents.


Produced by Mac/Corlevich
Davide Corlevich | guitars, keyboards, bass, percussions
Cristiano Mecchi | vocals, drums, keyboards, percussions
Music by Mac/Corlevich, lyrics by Cristiano Mecchi
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Luca Tacconi at “Sotto il mare” studio, Verona, Italy
Photos and graphics | Stefano “Gazza” Masotto
Label | XO La Factory
Publishing | XO Publishing
Distribution | The Orchard Direct


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