February 21, 2024

‘Farewell Kisses’ | Mac/Corlevich

‘Farewell Kisses’ | Mac/Corlevich

The second single from the Italian alternative-folk duo Mac/Corlevich is a challenge to traverse the night and space, forgetting fear and its constraints

On Wednesday, February 21, the single ‘Farewell Kisses’ by Mac/Corlevich, a new alternative folk project from charismatic singer Cristiano Mecchi and virtuoso guitarist Davide Corlevich, will be released. The duo’s latest release is digitally published by the XO La Factory label WITH THE CONTRIBUTION OF NUOVOIMAIE, just over a month after the successful debut of the single ’Machines’.

Drawing from folk, Americana, country, and grunge, Mac/Corlevich distil these sounds and blends them, embracing a sensibility free from nostalgia but infused with intensity. Thanks to a solid foundation in the acoustic fingerpicking/voice duo, they achieve a strongly evocative result of an ‘instant classic.’

Mac/Corlevich state: ‹‹’Farewell Kisses’ is an intimate call to discover and explore the unknown, a challenge to take control of the situation, to traverse the night and space, forgetting fear and its constraints. The music unfolds like a gentle wave, and one can glimpse the sonic worlds of Mark Lanegan; the guitar phrases and the piano outline the features of a song that captures the emotion of an imminent farewell, inviting exploration of new horizons and embracing uncertainty.››

The new single will be presented live, along with the rest of the repertoire, on Thursday, February 22, 2024, at the Kashmir Bistrot in Verona (Italy), where the band will celebrate the release of ’Farewell Kisses’ with their audience.

Mac/Corlevich is an Italian duo born from the encounter between Davide Corlevich and Cristiano Mecchi, two musicians from Verona with different musical backgrounds converging into a new project. Corlevich has one foot in the world of classical guitar and constant artistic activity in this field but has always explored very different genres with bands like Anteo and Galaverna, accumulating extensive live and studio experience. Mecchi, an expressive singer and versatile drummer, has been part of many bands associated with the rock and underground scene, such as neXus, 3tons, Poseydon, Supergonzo, and Oui The North, with numerous recordings and hundreds of concerts throughout Italy. A successful fusion of experiences and complementary talents.


Produced by Mac/Corlevich
Davide Corlevich | guitars, keyboards, bass, percussions
Cristiano Mecchi | vocals, drums, keyboards, percussions
Music by Mac/Corlevich, lyrics by Cristiano Mecchi
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Luca Tacconi at “Sotto il mare” studio, Verona, Italy
Photos and graphics | Stefano “Gazza” Masotto
Label | XO La Factory
Publishing | XO Publishing
Distribution | The Orchard Direct


BC | https://maccorlevich.bandcamp.com
FB | https://www.facebook.com/Mac.Corlevich
IG | https://www.instagram.com/maccorlevich
SC | https://soundcloud.com/mac-corlevich
SF | https://bit.ly/499tumE
YT | https://www.youtube.com/@MacCorlevich

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