PEYOTE SESSIONS concerti nel vivaio is the video format of concerts that inaugurated the new PEYOTE YouTube channel.

Born in collaboration with Maurizi Garden, a historic plant nursery in Jesi (AN) offering high-quality services, it is a series of live sessions held behind closed doors in harmony with the surrounding environment and is characterized by a profound exchange of energies between the plant and human world.

Each mini-concert, lasting approximately fifteen minutes, is published through the agency’s YouTube channel, and exactly one week after the initial release, individual songs are extracted into separate videos.

The artists involved are those orbiting within the PEYOTE galaxy, either through past/prospective collaborations in promotion/production or simply due to elective affinities. Their selection is not strictly tied to the proposed genre but rather to the evocative capacity of their music.

If you want to be part of one of the new episodes of PEYOTE SESSIONS, send us an application to: